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On 7 days and 6 nights


 A visit of the Dogon Country from north to south, from BANANI to KANI KOMBOLE.

1 - Journey from MOPTI to BANDIAGARA and SANGHA to arrive at the foot of the Dogon plateau in BANANI.Visit of the village and then, few miles to IRELI.    Night in IRELI.

2 - From IRELI to TIRELI through YAYE, meeting with villagers and discovery of the Dogon handicraft.     Night in TIRELLI.

3 - After scrolling in TIRELLI, the track will take us to KOMOKANI and then NOMBORI.     Night in NOMBORI.

4 - Visit of NOMBORI before heading towards DOUROU.A few miles up to the plateau, then climb into a hole of the cliff to go up to BEGNEMATO.      Night in BEGNEMATO.

5 - After the discovery of BEGNEMATO, 2 miles by foot on the      plateau to reach the animist village of INDELLI.Then down a hole in the cliff to the plain.    Night in DOUNDIOUROU.

6- Visit of Ende with its friendly locals and traditional craft.Then     resume the track through TELI to finish the journey in KANI     KOMBOLE.     Night in KANI KOMBOLE.

7- Morning in KANI KOMBOLE and rest up to the early afternoon     before returning to MOPTI SEVARE via BANDIAGARA.



Other visits or tours can be arranged such as the DEBO LAKE in the north in 3 days, or visit of TIMBUKTU or DJENNE in pinacce or 4X4.



Other visits can be set up at your convenience.I am listening to you

and at your disposal so that you keep the best memories possible of my





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The price I offer you is always per day and per person.   

  It includes the taxi from SEVARE to the DOGON COUNTRY and the way back, 3 meals a day accomodation, tourism taxes and fees of the guide.

It does not include personal drinks and personal expenses.





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