You have decided to visit MALI


You might stay in Bamako or in the areas of Kayes, Sikasso, Timbuktu or even Gao

But you might also come to my region around Mopti and Bandiagara.A region that allows you to discover very easily the Dogon Country which is really nearby.

You have to keep in mind that Mali is a huge country and any moving would take you hours and hours

( Bamako-Mopti : 400 miles, and so, a 10-hour journey )

The Dogon Country that streches over more than 130 miles at the foot of the cliff of Bandiagara and Sangha might have a special interest for you to discover all its authenticity and magic.

To discover the Dogons as well, their beliefs, their history, their customs and their craft industry.


For these discoveries to be as complete as possible, we advise you to go with a local guide.He will help you for your journey, will lead you to the essential aspects not to miss, will open you the path in the villages to the chief of the tribes and will organise your track and all the commodities for you to keep a good memory of your trip.


I was born in 1986 in Doundiourou in the Bandiagara cliff.

I am a Dogon . I grew up in the Dogon Country and

I perfectly know my country


I am at your service to visit this typical region.






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